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About Masterpiece

Our story

Welcome to Masterpiece Interiors, a family-owned flooring company founded and led by Marco, a seasoned professional in the industry. Marco's journey in the flooring business began during his teenage years, where he eagerly assisted his father in the craft. Weekends were dedicated to tackling heavy job loads alongside his dad, instilling in him a passion for the trade. Since officially launching in 2009, Masterpiece Interiors has taken the family business to new heights.

Originally rooted in carpets through his father's expertise, Marco's commitment to excellence led him to expand into wood floors, and in the last 5-6 years, he has become a prominent specialist in ceramic floors. Ceramic flooring stands out as Marco's biggest forte, showcasing his dedication to delivering top-notch quality in this particular domain. Additionally, his proficiency extends to the timeless elegance of wood floors.

Based in the Carolinas, Masterpiece Interiors proudly serves the local community and surrounding areas. Collaborating with some of the best and most high-end contractors and builders in the region, Marco ensures that every project reflects the company's commitment to precision and professionalism. When you choose Masterpiece Interiors, you're choosing a legacy of craftsmanship, a dedication to quality, and a flooring experience that exceeds expectations.


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Discover excellence with Masterpiece Interiors. We offer complimentary quotes for professional ceramic tile and wood floor installation, remodeling, and maintenance. Elevate your space – contact us for a consultation today.

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